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Find the perfect booster in 2 easy steps

What size of property you want to boost?
What voice and data networks do you want to boost?

Mobile Booster New Zealand

Mobile Signal Boosters NZ is a company created by the director as he had mobile signal and data issues on his farm in Wheki Valley. Nick set about finding the best products that will amplify the mobile signal inside and outside the farm. He achieved his goal with the products you see on this website. The mobil signal boosters which are on the website will guarantee a full 5 bar increase in mobile phone signal in areas of weak signal through out our land. Our products will make your life 100% easier to get in touch and contact to friends/family and those business contacts.

Problems with Network Coverage? 

Phone signal coverage is getting  better slowly as the mobile networks masts are getting more powerful and the providers are putting them in newer locations. The main problem with the signal is that there are many black spots or dead zones due to the hills and trees around the country. The mobile providers are addressing the issues and our improving to get the mobile signal gain to satisfy customers. Heres where our boosters help! They take an exciting weak signal and amplify this to 5 bars.


How a Phone Booster Helps

Signal Boosters create a stronger and more powerful signal connection for users so they get better gain in voice and data. Please note that mobile signal boosters do not recreate a signal, the can only improve the signal that is already there. The Major phone providers are the ones that provide the signal we just amplify this into areas that you need signal.


A Cell Phone Signal Booster Can Be Used Anywhere

Mobile booster can used in all properties as long as you have an exciting signal to draw from. Making sure you follow the easy follow instructions to get the best mobile gain throughout your property. We have helped lots of customers get the signal they require in the property. This makes them feel safe at all times knowing that they can call all loved ones. The boosters can even help you open electric  gates if they have weak mobile signal.
If you do live in an area where the mobile reception is extremely poor , then chances are you will suffer from a poor mobile data  mobile connection. If you install a mobile phone signal  this will allow you to increase your phone signal into a more reliable signal. This will help with you streaming online to watch your videos through youtube.

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